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My love story with calligraphy started back in 2016 when I attended a hen do in London which involved a beginner calligraphy workshop. I WAS HOOKED from the word go and adored the way the ink and paper looked.

But after that workshop my love turned to frustration as I attempted to struggle my way through progressing. I had nothing to go on other than sheer determination and alot of mistakes and rubbish equipment. I quickly learnt after designing some very dodgy birthday cards that I needed some help progressing to the next stage.

I invested hours into research and practice, made a lot of mistakes and bought A TON of calligraphy books. But through trial and error and hours/weeks/years of practice things started to click. I started to love what I was creating and soon I was getting friends and family and even some strangers asking me to design commissions for them.

That’s where Lydia Packham Calligraphy started! I designed my first christmas card collection in 2018 and launched my workshops in Essex in February 2019 and haven’t stopped since.

I’ve been able to produce hand lettered commissions, teach over 400 people, design beautiful wedding stationery, collaborate with some great brands and actually make a living from this stunning artform.

So as you can tell I am now a total calligraphy addict. The pain was worth it and guess what, now I love to share that calligraphy joy. I do this through wedding stationery, workshops, online courses, collaborations, bespoke commissions, shop window design and my online shop. Everyday can be different from designing wedding stationery, designing bespoke comissions to packing up your orders what I can guarantee is that there will be a cup of tea involved!

If you want to know more, browse my website or get in touch via the link below. I love to hear from anyone who has an interest in calligraphy so why not drop me a message, ask a question or just say hi.

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