Modern Calligraphy Beginner Kit & Course

Looking to give yourself the best start on your calligraphy journey? Look no further with my beginner kit and  course. Includes all the equipment, tuition and worksheets you need to get started.  Join hundreds of others and start your calligraphy journey here today. 
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Fabulous! The course and kit is just fab! I'm so in love with Calligraphy now.

What do I get?

High Quality Equipment 

The essentials that I use on a  daily basis:
- 30ml glass jar of black sumi ink
- Leonardt nib & hand lettered protective envelope
- Straight pen holder
-15 sheets of high quality layout paper

Expert Video Instruction

My fun engaging videos aim to pass on my years of knowledge:
- 50+ videos lessons and in-depth learning over 7 modules 
- Learn from a professional calligraphy teacher who has taught hundreds of students
- Easy to follow videos filmed at the best angle to see my hand and nib
- Troubleshooting module to help with common issues

Multiple Practice Sheets & Guidelines

Guide your practice with my carefully designed sheets: 
- Comprehensive warm up drills
- Modern Calligraphy Alphabet
- Alphabet practice sheets
- Blank guidelines
- Layout paper to lay over and re-use sheets as many times as you like

Professional Learning Platform with Lifetime Access

My learning environment is easy to use:
- Easy to navigate - find previous videos and replay
- Personal log in and dashboard to see your courses and progress
- Log in and watch using any device
- Progress tracker which means you can come back to where you left off
- Quiz at the end of each module to test what you've learnt

Eco Conscious Resources

This beginner kit has been designed with the planet in mind:
- Free of plastic and single use materials
- Including glass ink pot, wooden lacquered pen holder, recyclable worksheets and presentation box
- So you can enjoy learning without damaging the planet

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Thank you for the amazing kit and course. Just tried practising words in calligraphy for the first time and I'm actually quite proud!

Online course  
what will i learn ?

MODULE 1 : Introduction to modern calligraphy 

Hello from me
What is Modern Calligraphy?
What are the amazing benefits of learning calligraphy
Why left handers can practice calligraphy too?

MODULE 2 : All about equipment 

What equipment do you need?
Step by step  instruction on how to assemble your equipment
How to use your equipment correctly
How to look after your kit to make it last
Equipment Quiz - test what you've learnt 

MODULE 3: The mechanics of modern calligraphy

The anatomy of a nib 
How a nib works and why pressure is key
How to hold your pen correctly
How to use the nib and ink
Mechanics quiz - test what you've learnt 

MODULE 4:  Warming up exercises

How and why we warm up
Why mindset is important before you start
What are the foundational calligraphy strokes?
How to practice downstrokes and upstrokes
The best warm up drills (separate video for each)
How to use individual strokes to create perfect shapes.

MODULE 5: The modern calligraphy alphabet

Introduction to letterforms - what are they and how they work
A detailed breakdown video for each letter of the alphabet
Uppercase and lowercase A -Z
How to tackle complex letterforms

MODULE 6: Common issues and how to fix them

How to stop downstrokes forming as two separate lines
What to do if strokes have become very thick
What to do if you have blobs on your page
What to do if your letters are too upright
What to do if your letters are looking spiky not smooth
How to use layout paper
What to do if your ink isn't flowing out of your nib

MODULE 7: Next steps 

How to join letters
How to form words
How to review and critique your calligraphy 
Next steps and alternative equipment (inks/nibs/pen holder etc)

Congratulation! Download your course certificate!

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I am now obsessed with calligraphy and I am so pleased I chose you to teach me! You are beyond talented and an amazing tutor.

Why do i need a kit or course?

The most common question I get asked is what equipment do I need to start calligraphy and how do I progress?

That’s why I created my beginner kit and course combo! It sets up everything you need to progress and learn the core foundational calligraphy skills.

Designed for total beginners, my kit includes the same professional equipment I use on a daily basis - everything you need to get started.

It takes the stress and frustration of scouring the internet and wasting money on naff supplies and hit and miss tutorials (been there).

Avoid frustration and start your calligraphy journey in the best way.  Set yourself up for success not failure. 

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Frequently asked questions

Of course and many do! Just pop their name, email and address in the delivery address section at the checkout. They can then change their password and log in once they receive the kit. 
Once purchased you will be emailed instructions on how to log into the course. You need to log into the 'My Account' section of  the website.  Log in using the user details you created in the checkout. 
Please refer to our returns policy here.
Of course and many do! Even though I demonstrate with my right hand, the same rules apply to left handers. If you hold the pen with the right technique you won't have issues with smudging etc.
You get access immediate access to the course on purchase. Time frame for the delivery of the kit: free 2nd class delivery usually takes 2-4 working days to arrive, 1st class delivery normally arrives in 2 working days.
Feel free to get in touch.
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