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Ready to step into a whole new world of luxury calligraphy?

Have you seen those captivating magical engraving videos online and thought - "Dam, that looks amazing, but how ON EARTH do I do that?" 

Been practising calligraphy for a while now and want to add something new to your calligraphy offer?

Well if the answer is yes to any of those questions this course is for you. 
Upclose engraving calligraphy A on a metal bottle
Calligraphy engraving on a glass bottle filled with gold

In-depth learning 

This self-paced course takes you by the hand and starts right at the beginning with tools and foundational techniques all the way to my thoughts on the commission process and pricing your work. 

Through various modules and hours of professional in-depth step by step videos this course offers a deep dive into engraving. From explaining and demonstrating different tools, techniques and safety. To compositions, examples on different surfaces and objects, metallic infills, agreements, pricing etc. With downloadable worksheets, checklists and projects to help guide your practice.

By the end of course I want you to have the knowledge and confidence to be able to offer this service as part of your calligraphy skill set. 

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Your Teacher

Engraving is such a unique skill I can't wait for more people to learn

About 2 years ago, having run my calligraphy business for a few years I wanted to advance my calligraphy services and offer something new and luxurious to stand out from the crowd - cue learning engraving. 

At the time there were no UK engraving classes so I put in hours of research (struggling on my own) and after a long time of trial and error - I finally succeeded. I have since engraved hundreds of items, gifts for clients, brands and have even engraved a bottle for Holly Tucker!

But learning this skill wasn't without its challenges and I definitely learnt the hard way. I experienced everything from a whole bottle of champagne exploding on me (and my studio) to buying loads (and wasting a ton of money) on the wrong tools (especially burrs hundreds of them) and nearly deafening myself in the process!

I wanted to make sure that any future aspiring calligraphy engravers have an easier (and safer start). So I decided I to create this super comprehensive course to share what I have learnt, helping make the experience for others a lot quicker, safer, easier and hopefully happier! Helping you stand out and offer this unique service to many more future clients.