Learn the art of calligraphy

Want to learn how you can create gorgeous letters with a nib and ink?
Let me help!
I have taught hundreds of people just like you this beautiful art form. Join them in learning to master the nib and ink.
A flatlay view of Lydias Modern calligraphy beginner kit

Beginner Kit

Get your mitts on the same high quality equipment I use daily. This kit contains all you need to get started including warm up drills, alphabet guides and practice sheets.

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Lydia Holding up a modern calligraphy alphabet and teaching an online calligraphy class

Online Beginner Course

Join the hundreds of others who have started their calligraphy journey here. Over 7 modules and  50+ video lessons you will build the foundational skills you need for beautiful lettering.

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Lydia demonstrating calligraphy at a workshop

In person Workshops

I am so excited to be back holding my in person beginner workshops. Based in Essex you can learn calligraphy from me directly. Based in lovely independent locations across Essex.

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Why Basics are Vital

When learning any new skill,  mastering the foundational teachings can make all the difference. Getting professional help from the beginning can be the difference between achieving beautiful lettering and totally giving up.

When I started learning calligraphy, I really wish I had invested in better professional help and teaching earlier on. It would have saved a lot of time, frustration and money.  

My calligraphy course and beginner kit are designed to help you achieve creativity, relaxation and gorgeous writing without the frustration! Giving you the best start and chance at calligraphy success.

 I will guide you each step of the way making for an enjoyable and inspiring learning experience.

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In Person Workshops are BACK!

i'm so excited to be able to be back teach modern calligraphy workshops in Essex again !!

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