Nib Care & Thank you

Thank you so much!

So by now your calligraphy kit should be on its way to you! I just wanted to say another massive thank you for supporting my small business at this moment in time. Every purchase gives me a glimmer of hope that i’ll still be here teaching calligraphy after all this craziness has passed!

I just want you to know that calligraphy will really help you right now, that this kit isn’t just about learning how to write beautifully, but you are now part of a community that choses calligraphy as one of the ways to CALM our minds, GET OFF SCREENS and switch off from the world. Now truly is one of the best times to learn I can’t wait for so many of you to reap the benefits of this very special art form.

Nib Care & Guide

Transitioning from live face to face workshops to online beginner kits has required a big overhaul the past week! One thing I usually teach my clients in my physical workshops is about nibs, how to assemble a nib and pen holder, nib care, different types of nibs etc. So I thought I would include some helpful tips and guides below.

Assembling your Nib

The end of the pen holder looks like this (see picture). The metal bit is called a globus insert. You need to insert the nib above the 4 metal leaves within the rim of the metal globus pictured (in red). Keep wiggling the nib in until it feels secure and make sure you can still see the ‘G’ on the nib still. But be careful when pushing the nib, in the pen holder as the end of the nib is quite sharp. 

Once you have finished lettering for the day, pull the nib and pen holder apart (don’t get the pen holder wet). Then give the nib a rinse under the tap, dry it immediately and place back in nib envelope.

Online Courses

As some of you may of seen over the next few weeks I will be recording my beginner course and improver course to enable you to access my sell out workshops online. These will mean you will have the full UNLIMITED workshop experience stuffed full of tips and tricks and prevent you from making the hours of rookie mistakes when I tried to teach myself. For those of you who have bought a kit I will be offering £5 off these beginner workshops, which come with life time access so you can pause and replay as many times as you like!

Be part of the community

As part of your purchase you now have access to a private Facebook group ‘The Calligraphy Club’. The group is for those who have attended a workshop or bought a kit and it’s linked to my facebook page CLICK HERE to access. This group is designed to offer you calligraphy support and encourage you in your practice and enable you to connect with like minded calligraphers. I run competitions, post videos and you are the first to hear about any news or offers. You can request access by quoting ‘CalligraphyCALM20’. 

Share your practice

Finally I hope you love calligraphy and it gives you as much calm and joy as it has given me! And don’t forget to tag me so I can see your calligraphy practice!

L x