Online Beginner Modern Calligraphy Course

What to get really good at modern calligraphy and learn what the fuss is all about? Give yourself the best start to becoming a modern calligrapher with my online beginner course! No prior experience required. This 50+ video course provides step-by-step easy to follow tutorials taking you from complete calligraphy beginner to improver. Helping you achieve beautiful calligraphy in no time!

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It's so great! Really easy to follow, and nice to be able to dip back in to as and when I need to. 

The tips are really helpful and it's good to be able to watch the letters being formed step by step. 
Perfect for Sunday Morning Chilling!

Whats Inside?

High Quality Video Tutorials

- The course includes over 50+ professionally filmed lessons. 
- Videos are  clear and easy to follow.
- Camera angle ensures you can see my hand and nib throughout. 
- Videos are bright, crisp and fun to follow.

Expert Instructions & Tips

- Taught by Professional Calligrapher
- Join the hundreds of beginner students who have already got started
- 7 modules stuffed full of tips and tricks
- Troubleshooting & self-review lessons

3 Month Access

- You can access the course for 3 months.
- Plenty of time to complete and re-watch any lessons

Fun, Engaging, Inspiring Lessons

- Teaching shouldn't be boring, I ensure my lessons are fun and engaging
- Beginners nerves be gone! With my step by step encouraging style
- Real teaching -  I include mistakes and explain why they've happened
- Relaxation, creativity & mindfulness are encouraged

Progress Tracker 

Online learning platform keeps track of your progress

View on any Device

You can start learning on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop

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Your course was awesome! Clear, concise instructions at a lovely pace! Thank you

What Will I learn ?

How to use professional calligraphy equipment 

- How your equipment works
- How to correctly set up your kit
- Nib anatomy 

The foundations of modern calligraphy

- An introduction to the art of modern calligraphy
- How to create basic strokes 
- How to vary nib pressure to create thick and thin strokes
- How to correctly warm up

How to master an upper and lower case alphabet

- Create modern calligraphy letters using basic strokes
- How to use guidelines to form stunning consistent letters
- How to create beautiful complex letter forms

To experience the joy of modern calligraphy

This kit enables you to learn this mindful art form. Practising modern calligraphy sparks joy, cultivates mindfulness and creativity and I can't wait for you to start!

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The course is so helpful  calligraphy even more than I thought I would

Why do i need a Course?

The most common question I get asked is "What's the best way to get good at calligraphy?" 

To truly give yourself the best start you don't just need only the right equipment but also great teaching.  By learning the basics and understanding the foundational skills  you set yourself up for success. The self taught route can cause technique issues, frustration and wasted time and money (trust me, I've been there!)

My online course is designed to teach you these core foundational skills and more. With lifetime access and a direct view of my nib and hand you can refer back to these teachings whenever you need. 

Taking my calligraphy course provides the step-by-step crucial structure and takes the stress and frustration out of the learning experience. Making your practice time enjoyable and mindful. 

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Frequently asked questions

Of course and many do! Just pop their email,  name and address in the delivery address section in the checkout. 
Once purchased you will be emailed instructions on how to log into the course. You need to log into the 'My Account' section of the website. Log in using the user details you created in the checkout.
Of course and many do! Even though I demonstrate with my right hand, the same rules apply to left handers. If you hold the pen with the right technique you won't have issues with smudging etc.
Please refer to our returns policy here
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